School Events

Title : An enriching orientation program was held by NCERT in collaboration with FPS

An enriching orientation program was held by NCERT in collaboration with FPS on 19/8/23 in NCERT Auditorium.

The program began with a visit to AR ,VR room. New technologies are brought in the teaching methodology which can shape up the pedagogy of the day.

Eminent speakers like Mr Pawan Sinha, Mr Amrendra, Ms Anita Sharma, Mr Sanjay Bhartiya, Mr Rohit Bajaj, Ms Anupama Bhardwaj and Prof Usha Sharma spoke about Nav Bharat Saksharta Karyakram. The discourse of the speakers took the path of literacy mission, it's shortcomings and new challenges we may face while going for the Education For All program.

It was followed by a real life situation based performance presented by IRIW artists.

The works of ULLAS and UJAAS were showcased with the help of a PPT.

The last leg of the program took place with a panel discussion where laudable principals of renowned schools put their points to the fore.

The other important aspects of literacy apart from reading and writing now are digital, legal and financial literacy which we need to achieve by the year 2030.

It was an inspiring session for all the teachers and leaders of the schools.

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Title : Chandrayan week


To celebrate the successful launch of Chandrayan III and hoping for its safe landing on 23rd August ’23 on moon, SDPS East Punjabi Bagh is celebrating the CHANDRAYAN WEEK from 21st to 24TH August’23.

Day 1 and Day 2 was filled with fun and excitement when the students of classes III – IX participated in different activities.

The students enjoyed participating in these activities, exploring and learning more about space and moon.

Day 1 : Students of classes VIII to IX enjoyed watching a short documentary on Chandrayan III where they gathered important information about the same.

Day 2: Students of classes III to V were filled with joy when they flew their planes in the open sky having a small message dedicated to space.

Glimpses of Day 1 and Day 2 are here :

Day 3 and Day 4 coming up soon……

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It was a pleasant morning with surprises awaiting for the meritorious students of the school. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once said: Confidence and hardwork is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure. Everyone has to be mentally prepared for the failure first and then redo the task to improve upon and be successful. An infant is a live example of success - the child falls a hundred times before he or she learns to walk. Strive hard, harder and harder, have trust and faith in yourself and the Almighty and you will be successful.

The children were awarded with trophies, scholarship cheques and certificates. When the beginning of the day is so wonderful, the day is good to go.

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Title : Appreciation Ceremony

A little appreciation is always remembered in hearts of all the students who work hard to be successful and be rewarded throughout the year in all fields be it academics or other cultural activities.

This remarkable day of the *Appreciation Ceremony* is celebrated to honour all our little champs who worked so hard throughout the academic year with all the dedication and constant focus with the support of our lovely teachers who guided them at each step to achieve their goals.

Students from classes 6 th to 8 th were rewarded in the ceremony.

Rewards were presented to all the students by respected Principal maam in the different categories namely academics, singing, arts, dancing and in sports.

Principal maam applauded each student with a trophy and certificate to acknowledge their achievements.

Also students who got scholarships were presented cheques by Principal maam to celebrate their hard-work.

The assembly was conducted by students of class 6th on a very interesting and informative topic i.e. regarding Chandrayan 3 which was appreciated and enjoyed by all.

The comparing was done beautifully by Ms. Richa and Ms. Romi together as a team.

The ceremony ended on a beautiful note with motivating words by Principal maam which surely inspired all the young students to do better and excel in academics as well as other co curricular activities because our school believes in the overall development of a child and not just keep the focus on academics only.

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Title : Experts talk on the topic Mass Communication and New Media

Experts talk on the topic Mass Communication and New Media was held in the school on 17/8/23.

Ms Supriya Shukla a professor from OP Jindal University talked about the courses available for film making and communication. Direction, Editing and acting were the main areas of discussion. The students asked questions and were satisfied to add on to their plan.

It was highly invigorating.

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Title : Independence Day celebration

Report on Independence Day celebration

The Independence Day celebration at SDPS, East Punjabi Bagh commenced with the welcome of the honourable Chief Guest, Sh. Rakesh Joshi , the Municipal Councillor and honourable members of the management by the Principal Ms. Manisha Joshi. They were given momentos and saplings. It was followed by the Flag Hoisting ceremony. The students of different Houses of the school showcased a march past. The event featured a variety of activities.

A melodious patriotic rendition AAGAZ was presented by the SDPS choir.

A heartfelt patriotic speech was presented by Virasat Raj Oberoi .

The fourth edition of the e- newsletter was also released .

Kashvi of Class 5 enacted the role of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi by giving a wonderful speech.

A skit on Patriotism titled UNITY was presented by the SDPians.

A mesmerizing patriotic song JOSH E HIND was also presented by the students.

A soulful skit on our brave soldiers SARFAROSH was presented by the students.

The winners of various Inter house and Inter school activities were also given certificates and trophies for their achievements.

The Chief Guest, then blessed the students and appreciated their efforts for an excellent and well presented programme.

The celebration culminated in the singing of the National Anthem.

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Title : Market Scene had been created in the school premises

Today a Market Scene had been created in the school premises by the students of classes 3 to 5.

One of the ways to reinforce math concepts including operations, estimation and working with money. This was done through devising an activity of buyng and selling.

Children were asked to enact a scene of a marketplace. Some students were asked to play role of shopkeepers, selling various types of merchandise and rest of the classes were asked to become shoppers.

For the money, children (shopkeepers and shoppers) were given fake coins in different denominations and were asked to count and add to tell how much money they had. Once every student had counted and noted the money with them, they were then asked to start the play.

Children had to use operations like addition and subtraction to calculate the purchase price of one or more articles of one or different types. Subtraction was used to figure out the money left with them after all purchasing. Similarly the shopkeeper students needed to do similar operations and then addition and subtraction in the end to figure out the moeny earned by them at the end of the play.

This activity helped in identifying the concepts of math in shopping and gave the children an essential life skill to deal with real life situations.

Madam Principal also visited the Scene and asked few questions. She also appreciated the way as students were playing their roles.

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Title : A remarkable plantation drive was organized

A remarkable plantation drive was organized by SDPS East Punjabi Bagh, involving around 100 enthusiastic students. The event aimed to raise awareness about environmental conservation and promote the importance of afforestation.

The event kicked off at SDPS East Punjabi Bagh premises, where a group of dedicated students gathered with banners in their hands, adorned with slogans advocating for a greener and healthier environment. The students' passion and commitment were evident as they embarked on a march from the school to Dhingra Park, making their message heard loud and clear.

Upon reaching Dhingra Park, the students wasted no time in putting their efforts into action.They first welcomed the esteemed guests Mr Rakesh Joshi ji,Municipal Councillor,Rotarian Mr.Naveen KalraPresident Delhi Metro West and Rotarian Mr.Atul,Ms Manisha Joshi,Principal SD Public School .A variety of plant species, carefully selected for their suitability to the local ecosystem, were planted with care and precision after that. The rally concluded with words of wisdom by esteemed guests and a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among the students .Ms ManishaJoshi, the Principal of SDPS East Punjabi Bagh, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to all the participants, guests, and supporters who contributed to the success of the plantation drive. She acknowledged the collective effort and highlighted the significance of the event in fostering environmental awareness and community involvement.

The plantation drive organized by SDPS East Punjabi Bagh showcased the potential of the youth to make a meaningful contribution to environmental conservation. The active participation of around 100 students, their engaging banners, and impactful slogans created a memorable event that left a lasting impression. Such initiatives not only contribute to the local green cover but also inspire others to take proactive steps towards a greener and healthier future.

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