Principal's Desk

Dear All,

I am extremely delighted to interact with you as a new member of SDPS family. We are proud of our tradition of academic excellence along with the ongoing commitment to maximize the personal growth of each child. The past two academic years were indeed challenging times for students, teachers and parents. The pandemic has taught us that we cannot take anything for granted. It has also highlighted the need to cultivate an attitude of continual learning. All of us are also aware of the learning gaps that have been created during the last two years. The pandemic has also caused our children to be addicted to the internet and gadgets which may be detrimental to their mental health and has robbed our children of learning beyond classrooms.

Keeping this in mind the school has lined up a plethora of activities for the students which will help in developing their talents, discover various abilities and tap their innovative creations. Students need to be socially and environmentally responsible as they are the future of the country. Here at SDPS we believe in learning through experience. We want children to grow up to be capable responsible adults with a keen desire to improve the world we all live in. Our students need to learn the qualities of kindness, gratitude, patience, resilience and most of all to be happy. We want our students to achieve academic excellence, develop valuable life skills and become more independent and confident individuals.

As the Head of the School it will be my endeavour to provide that environment to the students and bring out the best in them.

Parents play a crucial role in the development of the child and encourage him to focus on the studies,work hard and limit their online activities. The foundation of a successful school is the cooperation between the students, staff and parents. I am grateful to the parents for their unflinching faith in us.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the entire SDPS fraternity of their commitment. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Management for their unstinted support for the cause of education and motivating the students to become the global citizens with deep rooted values and sanskars.

Ms. Manisha Joshi

Principal, S.D. Public School