From Chairperson Desk

“Sharp is the edge of a knife, long and difficult and hard to cross is the way of freedom”

We the stewards of education have vowed to tread the difficult path to let the generation z unlock themselves from the shackles of fear. SDPS, East Punjabi Bagh has always been striving to create an enthusiasm and an insight so that the children can alleviate the prevailing dismal condition and shine like a star. The prime concern of the entire world has been to diminish the spread of corona and ours to steel them against it with an unending knowledge. We emerged victoriously in continuing the education virtually and aspire to reach pinnacles of success. Let's together convince our children 'be not afraid of anything'. It is the fearlessness and a strong willpower, which brings heaven in a moment.

Stay safe stay happy!

Chairman, S.D. Public School