School Events

Title : Children's Day Celebration


The SDPians celebrated Children’s Day virtually. It was the gesture of love, generosity, compassion and devotion from the faculty and management. The day was marked by praying and thanking God for the love he has showered on human beings and all living creatures on earth. The educators showered their love and blessings through gestures and placards, though virtually. Music, dance, gaiety and fervour were symbolic of ecstasy and sanctity. Such moments, though for a short duration, have a tremendous impact on the young minds. These moments are a reminder to them that they are being loved and cared for.

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Posted by : SDPS ADMIN | Date : 10 Nov 2020

Title : Special Assembly on Unity Day


A special assembly was organised virtually to mark the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India and a great freedom fighter. The children participated wholeheartedly and marked the day with beautiful slogans, speeches and placards. The enthusiasm should never diminish. The present has its roots deep down in the past and the past should be kept alive through various mediums to imbibe the bond of strength.

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Posted by : SDPS ADMIN | Date : 04 Nov 2020