From Principal’s Desk

The paradigms of education are rapidly changing... with the advancement in technology and exposure to varied media. It is an altogether new era of teaching and learning. Education today has a multifaceted role. It should give wings to the students to fly on their own after their education and at the same time keep them rooted with the values as they are going to become the torchbearers of the nation.

We at SDPS are committed to provide the most stimulating environment with infallible value system. We strive to mould the personalities of the children in such a way that they can face the complex situations and challenges of life with confidence. We provide plethora of activities for holistic and judicious development of youthful energies, properly channelized towards creativity and self actualization. Our commitment is to unleash the talents of every individual student and help them prove their mettle even in adverse situations.

Ms. Suman Gandhi

Principal, S.D. Public School